Sheet music – Ruth Meisser

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I have been playing the alphorn for 50 years. Now, I have the pleasure to share my melodies. Growing up in Wallisellen, I lived in the Zurich Oberland for a long time and was an active member of the Uster yodelers and the Uster alphorn group. My two children have long since grown up. Today I live in Trogen.

I found the alphorn through Hans Gehriger. In Elsbeth Weidmann and myself, he found colleagues who were willing to learn and thus became an early supporter of the first female alphorn players. In Trio Tännberg we played quite successfully for over 10 years and inspired Hans to new melodies. Hans and I were also course leaders and judges, which was not always easy for me as the first female course leader and judge in this male domain. Today, women are accepted.

In the Tännberg trio , we performed at countless yodeling festivals and events in Switzerland and abroad, as well as in the successor trio Züri-Oberland. I also played in this formation with Elsbeth Koller-Weidmann and Rolf Koller for over 10 years with great enthusiasm. As musical director of the Uster alphorn group, I was responsible for rehearsals for many years, together with my own team of instructors. We played alphorns in E, F sharp and Büchel and tried various combinations with yodel, organ or horn. This way, several albums were recorded.

With the alphorn, mostly in combination with yodeling, I was able to perform in many countries such as Germany, Austria, Turkey, Japan, Korea, Borneo, Chile, USA and Canada, alone or together with other musicians. I experienced unforgettable moments.

I was also a yodeller with the Stadt-Jodlern Uster for over 30 years and sang duets with my colleague Isabelle Stäuble. I trained as a choirmaster and conducted the yodeling club for several years. In addition, I enjoy painting. In all three hobbies – singing, alphorn blowing and painting – harmony, interplay, alternation of light and dark, intensity of colors and tones are equally important. This has always inspired me.

At the age of 55, I moved to Appenzellerland. Together with my partner, we set up a hostel for people with disabilities. For a long time, I was therefore only able to perform occasionally at yodeling festivals or as an alphorn soloist at church concerts. However, I love playing on my own at the edge of the forest, where I can improvise without any worries. I always come up with my own melodies for yodeling festivals. After retiring, I finally found time to transfer my collected works correctly into the music notation program, which proved to be quite time-consuming. I have been struggling a bit with the polyphonic notation. Luckily, Hans-Jürg Sommer helped me with it. Many thanks Hans-Jürg!

With my melodies, I wish you many joyful little moments of alphorn happiness.

You can find more information about Ruth Meisser on her website and her YouTube channel.

Am Balgenweiher (Duo)198523
Am Balgenweiher (Solo)198512
Am Balgenweiher (Trio)19853
April (Solo)1984113
Autun en Engiadina2007126
Bündner Röteli199817
Bündner Röteli (Trio)19983
De Zürihegel (Büchel Solo)19871B12
Einblasen bis (e2)201529
Einblasen bis (g2)201530
Einblasen, Beweglichkeit, b und (fa)201531
Einblasen Intervalle (Naturtonreihe)201528
Em Rhy naa2010111
Gryfesee Träumli (Duo)2002210
Gryfesee Träumli (Trio)200238
Herbstwind (Duo)2014227
Heuerzyt (Duo)2015219
Heuerzyt (Solo)2015118
Heuerzyt (Trio)20153
Hüt laufts rund (Duo)198625
Hüt laufts rund (Solo)198614
Maiezyt (Duo)2014215
Maiezyt (Solo)2014114
Maiezyt (Trio)20143
Ranz des Chèvres (Büchel Solo)20021B22
Sunntig im Sertig (Solo)2014116
Sunntig im Sertig (Duo)2015217
Sunntig im Sertig (Trio)20163
Vom Morgebärghorn2011223