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Urban natural tones, alphorn beyond pathos, gnarly Büchelsgsätzli across bar lines, open ears for new soundscapes, also a little subversive, always in search of the perfect sound and echo.

For almost two decades I have been intensively involved with the alphorn and the buechel. My teachers included Balthasar Streiff, Matthias Kofmehl, Markus Sahli, Robert Morgenthaler, Fritz Frautschi, Mike Maurer. After a middle-class career, I continued my education in music research at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts. I am interested in the universe of the natural scale, the history of the alphorn in Switzerland, the meaning of home in music, and how we learn to rediscover ourselves through music. You can see the result of my journey on the alphorn on this website in myblogand in the basic course.

In Zurich, right next to Wollishofen train station, I also give alphorn lessons for beginners. I know from personal experience the needs of adult learners and late entrants. As a sparring partner I accompany you on your way. The goal is to play the alphorn without mumbling and pressing; for this I also like to use unconventional aids. I will lead you into a new world of sound and show you how to make your soul vibrate in the pipe. Interested? Then get in touch with me.

2023 I founded the startup Alphorn in the Alps. There I offer alphorn excursions into the Alps as the ultimate Swissness experience.


Benno Weber
Staubstr. 1
8038 Zürich
+41 76 2951703


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